Mutual Pleasure With Lakota Wmv

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 126/mb
Mutual Pleasure With Lakota Wmv

Lakota has seen you around. She’s seen you peering in thru her windows like the peeping tom you are. She’s seen you staring at her in the grocery store like the perverted stalker that you are. She knows you’re obsessed with her long legs covered in nylons. Lakota knows that your pantyhose compulsion would eventually bring you to her door. Because you’re brazen like that. And she is too…perhaps you’d like for her to put on a naughty show for you? Don’t be shy, come closer. Watch Lakota run her hands down her ridiculously long legs in black fashion pantyhose. "Pull out your cock I want to see it. Don’t be shy…you play with you and I’ll play with me." Soon she’s stripping out of her tight black dress while you stroke your cock. Your cock is getting harder and harder while she pulls her pantyhose down. She spreads her legs and starts fingering her pussy. You’re really turning her on! Its time to cum for Lakota…runtime 6:45 640 x 360 Windows Media video

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