Kobe As The Tools She Needs For The Job Wmv

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 183/mb
Kobe As The Tools She Needs For The Job Wmv

Kobe thinks you are one sorry ass handyman; her sink still leaks. Whats wrong with the tools you have? Do they not have what it takes to fix her leak? They don’t seem to be doing the job. Since your tools don’t work Kobe pulls out a few tools out of her drawer that does. They are big, shiny and made out of glass and they can handle any handyman job. Care to watch Kobe use her tools? She uses them to fix her broken sink and then uses them to fill up her wet pussy. Her tools can screw more than your tools and lay some pipe too. Watch Kobe masturbate in pantyhose and learn some tips that you will never see on the handyman channel. Runtime 11:42 640 x 360 Windows Media video

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