Blackmailing Kobe Lee Mp4

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 176/mb
Blackmailing Kobe Lee Mp4

Today you stroll into Kobe Lee’s office knowing you’re going to get the raise you wanted. And why are you so sure? I mean you are a total fuck up employee. She even rolls her eyes at your audacity. But today is different. Today you have got the goods on Kobe. You boldly gaze at her pantyhose covered legs; she can’t help but notice. You pull out your wild card. No not that one, the photos you have of Kobe in shall we say a compromising position. Also in the photos is the owner of the company; but you could care less about him. Kobe is clearly alarmed and wonders what you plan to do. "This is going to be between us, right?" She offers you a raise. But you want more than that; you want to humiliate that haughty bitch that looks down on you. First you have her undress; you knew her tits would be fabulous. You ask Kobe to rub them, then to turn around and have her spank her own ass. "Are we done yet?" Kobe is so annoyed and humiliated. But you want more. How about watching her masturbate? Sounds like a plan. Your stuck up boss with her legs spread fingering her pussy just the way you want it. She seems to enjoy it…you’re the boss now. Runtime 11:32 640 x 360 MP4 video

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